How much does a Pomsky cost?

Pomskies, the adorable crossbreed between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, have gained immense popularity in recent years for their striking appearance and lovable temperament. However, potential owners often wonder, “How much does a Pomsky cost?” The answer to this question can vary significantly based on several factors.

How much does a Pomsky cost?

The average cost of a Pomsky puppy is between $1,500 and $4,000. However, the price can vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Breeder: Reputable breeders typically charge more for their puppies.
  • Pedigree: Puppies with a purebred pedigree will be more expensive than those with mixed ancestry.
  • Coat color and markings: Rare coat colors and markings, such as merle, can also increase the price of a Pomsky puppy.
  • Training and socialization: Puppies that have been trained and socialized will be more expensive than those that have not.

 Factors that affect the cost of a Pomsky

Here are some of the factors that can affect the cost of a Pomsky:

  • Breeder

The breeder is one of the most important factors that will affect the cost of a Pomsky puppy. Reputable breeders typically charge more for their puppies because they invest more time and money into their breeding program. They also tend to have a waiting list for their puppies, so you may need to reserve one in advance.

  • Pedigree

The pedigree of a Pomsky puppy will also affect its price. Puppies with a purebred pedigree will be more expensive than those with mixed ancestry. This is because purebred puppies are more likely to have the desired traits and characteristics of the breed.

  • Coat color and markings

The coat color and markings of a Pomsky puppy can also affect its price. Rare coat colors and markings, such as merle, can increase the price of a puppy. This is because these colors and markings are more difficult to breed for.

  • Training and socialization

Puppies that have been trained and socialized will be more expensive than those that have not. This is because training and socialization can take a lot of time and effort. Puppies that have been trained and socialized will be more likely to be well-behaved and adjusted to living in a home.

Where to buy a Pomsky

If you are interested in buying a Pomsky puppy, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Do your research

Before you start looking for a Pomsky puppy, it is important to do your research and learn as much as you can about the breed. This will help you to find a reputable breeder and choose the right puppy for your lifestyle.

  • Find a reputable breeder

Once you have decided to buy a Pomsky puppy, the next step is to find a reputable breeder. There are a few things you can do to find a reputable breeder, such as:

* Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or your veterinarian.
* Look for breeders who are members of a reputable breeding organization, such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).
* Visit the breeder's facility and meet the puppies in person.
  • Choose the right puppy

When you are choosing a Pomsky puppy, it is important to consider your lifestyle and needs. Some factors to consider include:

* The puppy's age, energy level, and temperament.
* The puppy's coat color and markings.
* The puppy's health history.

FAQs about Pomsky cost

Here are some frequently asked questions about the cost of a Pomsky:

  • Q: How much does a Pomsky puppy cost?

A: The average cost of a Pomsky puppy is between $1,500 and $4,000. However, the price can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the breeder, pedigree, coat color and markings, and training and socialization.

  • Q: What are some of the factors that affect the cost of a Pomsky?

A: Some of the factors that can affect the cost of a Pomsky include the breeder, pedigree, coat color and markings, and training and socialization.

  • Q: Where can I buy a Pomsky?

A: There are a few places where you can buy a Pomsky, such as from a reputable breeder, a rescue organization, or online.

  • Q: What should I look for when choosing a Pomsky breeder?

A: When choosing a Pomsky breeder, it is important to look for a breeder who is reputable and experienced. You should also visit the breeder’s facility and meet the puppies in person.

  • Q: What should I consider when choosing a Pomsky puppy?

A: When choosing a Pomsky puppy, it is important to consider your lifestyle and needs. Some factors to consider include the puppy’s age, energy level, and temperament.

Pomsky Puppies: Cute And Intelligent Companions

If you are looking for an adorable, loyal, and beautiful dog, consider Pomsky Puppies. This breed is a hybrid between a Pomeranian and a Husky, so they are not purebred dogs. This means you get a charming personality and stunning appearance without some of the health concerns common with purebreds. If you are considering Pomsky puppies, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Pomsky seeing



Each Pomsky dog will have their own distinct look, and this may change as the dog ages. For example, you may see more of the Pomeranian when they are small, but have more of a Husky look as he or she matures. Hybrid breeding is not always exactly fifty-fifty, and this will also influence the way the dog looks. Sometimes breeders will breed multigenerational crosses, which means the parents may not always be huskies and Pomeranians. For example, a Pomsky father may be bred with a Pomeranian mother. Generally speaking, these dogs have a foxy face and thick fur.


Hybrids tend to pick up traits from both breeds, and this is true of Pomsky puppies. The best way to know what to expect is to learn about the traits of both Pomeranians and Huskies. Pomeranians are friendly, intelligent, playful, active, and extroverted. Huskies are also outgoing, playful, intelligent, and active. Huskies are also very alert and gentle. Some owners find that their Pomsky has a very strong Husky personality, while others see more of the Pomeranian temperament.

Care and Training

Pomsky puppies are very intelligent, and do well with training. Going through some basic obedience training with your dog is an excellent idea, you will learn basic commands that can keep your dog safe. Since this is an active and playful breed, going for daily walks and having some playtime is also a good idea. Most owners have a fenced off area outside where they can play fetch and let their Pomsky romp. Potty training is also important for any puppy, and it can be helpful to read some books or training manuals on the subject. Be sure to provide your Pomsky puppies with quality and nutritional food, since this can prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Pomsky puppies are adorable, loving, intelligent, and beautiful companions. These are hybrids, so they tend to have fewer health problems than purebreds. They also have charming personalities taken from both breeds. Consider adding these fluffy puppies to your life, and enjoy the most loyal of friendships.

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Discover Reputable Pomsky Breeders Across the U.S. 2024

Pomsky Breeders

There are numerous Pomsky breeders across various regions, each committed to ethical breeding practices and the health and well-being of their puppies.

A selection of breeders

  1. Happy Hills Kennels in Memphis, MO, focuses on bettering the Pomsky breed and finding perfect forever homes for their puppies. They emphasize treating their dogs as family members​​.
  2. Hatz Off Pomskies located in Redkey, Indiana, aims to produce happy, healthy puppies with great personalities, offering lifetime breeder support to ensure the puppies reach their full potential​​.
  3. Hemlock Pines Pomsky in Venus, Pennsylvania, is a small breeder emphasizing the health, temperament, and socialization of their Pomskies. They are part of the Pomsky Owners Association and the International Pomsky Association​​.
  4. Hudson’s Huskies & Pomskies in Baxter, Tennessee, has over 25 years of experience breeding sled dog breeds, including Pomskies. They pride themselves on their long history of happy, healthy dogs and satisfied owners​​.
  5. Golden State Pomskies in Antioch, CA, and Periwinkle Pomskies in Fairfield, CA, are both recognized for their health testing and quality breeding practices​​.
  6. From the International Pomsky Association’s directory, breeders like Humbolt Star Pomskies in Oakland, OR, and Huskywood Kennels in Sumner, MI, are part of a network that adheres to a code of ethics aimed at responsible breeding​​.
  7. The Pomsky website also lists breeders such as AMS Pomskies in Bremen, Indiana, and Blue Sky Pomskies in Birmingham, Alabama, among others, highlighting the widespread availability of reputable Pomsky breeders​​.

Choosing the Right Breeder

Each breeder has their unique approach, but they all share a commitment to the health, well-being, and proper socialization of their puppies. It’s essential to research and contact breeders directly to understand their practices, puppy availability, and any specific requirements they may have for potential owners.

When selecting a Pomsky breeder, it’s not just about finding a puppy; it’s about finding a breeder who prioritizes the breed’s integrity and the long-term health of the dogs. A responsible breeder’s commitment extends beyond just the sale, offering support and guidance as your puppy grows. This includes providing detailed health clearances for the puppy’s parents and ensuring that puppies are given a strong foundational start through early socialization and vaccinations.

Moreover, ethical breeders are transparent about their breeding practices, often inviting potential owners to visit and see where the puppies are raised. This openness provides insight into the puppies’ living conditions, the care they receive, and the breeder’s overall approach to animal welfare.

Breeder Responsibility

Responsible breeders also take the time to match puppies with suitable homes, considering the lifestyle, environment, and what the prospective owner is looking for in a pet. They are keen to answer questions, provide guidance on breed-specific traits, and offer advice on care and training.

Lastly, many reputable breeders are involved in breed clubs and associations, which can be a testament to their dedication and adherence to breed standards and ethical practices. They often participate in dog shows and other events that highlight their commitment to maintaining and improving breed standards.


In summary, choosing the right breeder is crucial for ensuring that you bring a healthy, well-adjusted, and happy Pomsky into your family. It involves thorough research, asking the right questions, and sometimes even waiting for the right puppy from a breeder who truly cares about the breed’s and the individual puppy’s welfare.

The Origins of the Pomsky Breed: A Historical Perspective

Pomsky Breed

Introduction to Pomsky Breed

The Pomsky, a delightful crossbreed between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, has captured the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. This article delves into the rich history behind this captivating breed, tracing its origins and evolution.

The Husky Parent: Origin and Characteristics

Siberian Huskies, renowned for their striking appearance and exceptional endurance, originated in northeastern Siberia. Bred by the Chukchi people for sled pulling and companionship, these dogs possess distinctive features such as a thick double coat, erect ears, and mesmerizing blue or heterochromatic eyes.

The Pomeranian Parent: Origin and Characteristics

In contrast, Pomeranians hail from the Pomerania region of Central Europe. Descendants of larger sled dogs, Pomeranians were selectively bred for smaller size and luxurious coats. Despite their diminutive stature, these dogs exude confidence and charm with their foxy faces and lively personalities.

Crossing Paths: The Beginnings of Pomsky Breeding

The Pomsky’s journey began when breeders sought to combine the Husky’s athleticism with the Pomeranian’s endearing traits. Through careful selection and genetic planning, the first Pomskies were born, inheriting a blend of their parent breeds’ characteristics.

The Evolution of the Pomsky Breed

As interest in Pomskies grew, breeders refined their techniques to achieve consistent traits in each generation. This ongoing process of selective breeding has led to the establishment of recognizable standards for the Pomsky breed, including size, coat color, and temperament.

Popularity Surge: Pomsky’s Rise in Demand

Driven by their adorable appearance and playful demeanor, Pomskies have surged in popularity as companion animals. Their small size makes them well-suited for apartment living, while their energetic nature appeals to active individuals and families alike.

Misconceptions Surrounding Pomskies

Despite their charm, Pomskies are not without misconceptions. Some mistakenly believe them to be “designer dogs” devoid of personality, overlooking their intelligence and loyalty. It’s essential to educate potential owners about the unique needs of Pomskies to ensure responsible ownership.

Pomsky Temperament and Behavior

Pomskies inherit a blend of traits from their Husky and Pomeranian parents, resulting in a wide range of temperaments. While some may exhibit the independent spirit of the Husky, others may display the affectionate nature of the Pomeranian. Early socialization and training are crucial for fostering positive behavior in Pomskies.

Pomsky Care and Maintenance

Maintaining a Pomsky’s well-being requires regular grooming to manage their dense fur and prevent matting. Additionally, providing adequate exercise and mental stimulation is essential to keep these energetic dogs happy and healthy.

Pomsky Health Concerns

Like all breeds, Pomskies are susceptible to certain health issues, including dental problems, hip dysplasia, and eye conditions. Responsible breeders prioritize health screenings and genetic testing to minimize the risk of hereditary diseases in Pomsky puppies.

Ethical Considerations in Pomsky Breeding

Ethical breeding practices prioritize the health and welfare of both parent dogs and their offspring. Reputable breeders adhere to established standards and guidelines, prioritizing the well-being of the animals over profit.

Pomsky Adoption and Finding Reputable Breeders

Prospective Pomsky owners should research breeders carefully, seeking those with a commitment to ethical breeding practices and transparent communication. Adoption from shelters or rescue organizations is also a viable option for those seeking to provide a loving home to a Pomsky in need.

Pomsky Training Tips

Training a Pomsky requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement techniques. Incorporating rewards such as treats and praise can motivate these intelligent dogs to learn commands and behaviors effectively.

Pomsky as Family Pets

With their affectionate nature and playful demeanor, Pomskies make wonderful family pets for households of all sizes. Their adaptability and devotion endear them to owners, forging lasting bonds that enrich the lives of both humans and dogs.

Conclusion: The Endearing Legacy of the Pomsky

In conclusion, the Pomsky breed embodies the best qualities of its Husky and Pomeranian ancestors, captivating admirers with its charm and vitality. By understanding the origins and characteristics of the Pomsky, we can appreciate the unique contributions of this beloved hybrid breed to the world of canine companionship.

List of Pomsky breader around the world update 2020

There are many breader of Pomsky puppies around the world, here are list of them. **last update April 2020**

1 .






If you are breader that not in the list , just send me an email to add it. please feel free to contact us.



Get A Pomsky Today!

If you are looking for a pet dog that is very intelligent and so eager to please, a pomsky is your best option. These cute dogs are very fast learners and can be trained to perform any trick you think of as long as you take the time to teach them. A pomsky has amazing energy which makes it ideal for a pet in the home or one to walk with.



What is the Size of a Pomsky?

The size of this dog will depend on how big the parents are. The size will generally be determined by both parents, meaning that you have to take the size of one, add to the size of the other parent then divide this by 2 to get a rough estimate of how big the dog will be. Do not be fooled by the fur that a pomsky may have, because the size of the parents is what matters.

What Does a Pomsky Look Like?

Many people prefer their pomsky to have husky markings and some coloring but there are other colors you can choose from. Some of these colors are gray, red, black, blue, cream, brown, among others. The pomsky can have a single solid color or have a major color with markings of different colors.

You have a chance to pick your pomsky according to the eye color. The color of the eyes can be green, brown, husky blue, amber or hazel. You can also get a pomsky that is bi-colored. This dog has a coat of medium length with a full undercoat. The whole coat is fluffy and soft. Another feature of this dog is that it has erect ears.

The pomsky you will get has undergone extensive testing to make sure that what you get will suit your needs. The amount of money that you will pay for your dog will depend on the size, markings, coat quality and eye color.

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Cute And Adorable Pomsky Puppies


Pomsky so cute.

Pomsky puppies are so the cutest to be adored as your pet. Pomsky puppies are also called as Huskerians and are a special designer dog which is a hybrid of Pomeranian and the Siberian husky. This breed is both a toy dog as well as a compact dog. This dog is not just a fur ball, which is aimed to be an accessory dog but they have many such features which makes them a very keen domestic dog.

The Pomsky have the resemblance with both their ancestors the Pomeranian as well as the husky. The Pomsky puppies are as lovely in their looks as a Pomeranian and they are usually find in white, black and brown colors. The fluffy coat is the attractive feature of this dog and it is so dense that it resembles exactly like a husky.
Even though these dogs are so small and cute, you cannot judge them only based on their size and looks. The pomsky puppies are so active and alert than they appear to be. They can be a very keen and intelligent domestic dog rather than just being a toy doll.
The Pomsky puppies look exactly like a soft toy and they resembles more to their ancestor Pomeranians as they grow up but will have a bigger size and a dense coat like a Siberian Husky.  The calm temperament of these dogs is so remarkable and which makes them a perfect domestic dog that can be pampered as well as expected to be a responsible house guard.

You can get the pomsky puppies are the sweetest of the designer dogs and for which many are buying them. These puppies can be available from any breeders. Their lovely and keen looks will make any dog lovers go crazy on this breed.
There are certain things that you need to take care while bringing up your pomsky puppies. Pomsky puppies need to be bottle fed as it can make them feel so much comfortable and this should be followed only for a shorter period of time. It should be taken care to provide your puppy with a special puppy bed or puppy den where they can rest their head.
Make your Pomsky puppy feel like being at home by lining its den with its own blanket so that they won’t develop the habit of sleeping in your bed. When the Pomsky puppies reach a period of 4 weeks they can take solid food. In the beginning, it is advised to smash the food and give to the puppies so that they can get easily get adapted to the new feeding style.

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